Dirk & The Digglers – Ram’s Head On Stage

June 26, 2017

Dirk & The Truth appeared as “Dirk & The Digglers” at Ram’s Head’s “In The Vane Of The Eagles”

Ram’s Head’s “In The Vane Of” “is a concept that mixes the familiarity of your favorite songs along with new tunes inspired by a featured legendary artist“. Dirk & The Truth were pleased to be a part of this event, which supports Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians, Inc.

Anna Lee was our original offering. Sung & composed by Dirk, a studio version will be released very soon on Dirk’s next CD.

  • Lead Vocals: Dirk Truth
  • Backing Vocals: Kevin Truth
  • Lead Guitar: Chris Truth

The Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” was our Eagles tribute.

  • Lead Vocals: Dirk Truth
  • Backing Vocals: Kevin Truth & Pete Truth
  • Lead Guitar: Joe Truth

  • Dirk Truth: Guitar & Lead Vocals
  • Kevin Truth: Bass & Vocals
  • Chris Truth: Guitar
  • Joe Truth: Guitar
  • Pete Truth: Drums & Vocals

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